History of Saratoga Elementary School


      Saratoga Elementary School notes a history dating back more than 100 years. In 1854, the town of Saratoga was established approximately three miles from Omaha and two miles from Florence. Ten years later, the town's first school building, a tiny one room structure, was completed.

     When the community of Saratoga became a part of Omaha, two new school buildings were built. Monmouth Park and Miller Park soon relieved the crowded enrollment at Saratoga brought on by the growth in the area. In 1926, the major portion of the current building, located at 2504 Meredith Avenue, was completed. In 1966, the west wing was added providing eight new classrooms, a health room, and a cafeteria.

     In 1976, Saratoga became a Primary Center for grades kindergarten through third. From that time forward to May of 1999, the majority of Saratoga Primary Center students, in second and third grade, was bused from the Bancroft, Marrs, and Springlake attendance areas.

     Beginning with the school year 1999-2000, after passing a school bond, students returned to their neighborhood schools, thus ending the mandatory busing assignment. Once again, Saratoga Primary Center became known as Saratoga Elementary School. The student population comprised of prekindergarten through sixth grade.

     The changes were exciting as Saratoga looked forward to a new century and the beginning of fourth through sixth graders back into the building. We learned a great deal from Bancroft, Marrs, and Springlake students. Since they have returned to their neighborhood school, we hope our paths will cross again. As former Saratoga students, they will always be a part of our memories.

    Entering a new century, Saratoga continued to change as the OPS district remodeling/renovation project began. By the 2004-2005 school year everyone was excited to see the 'new' Saratoga: expanded office area, updated library and computer lab, a teacher work area, modernization throughout, and best of all - air conditioning.

     Come and visit the school sometime and see the kids at work. From the little ones in Head Start to the sixth graders, about ready for junior high, the students bound with energy and enthusiasm for learning.