Saratoga's Vision and Mission Statement

Vision Statement -- Everyone will be consistent using the prescribed model, with positive actions observed by all, with an increase in proactive approaches and interventions. Our visions as educators is to create and support the dreams of young people and to inspire them to make those dreams reality. We want to create a school where students have individual goals with high academic standards, and with the development of these goals, opportunities will be developed also. It is our hope to continuously improve in reading and math. We know with hard work and high expectations our students can achieve.

Mission Statement -- Raising the level of achievement through a caring and cooperative environment. Our mission statement is to provide instruction and opportunities for achievement. The continuing aim of Saratoga Elementary is to promote mental and physical wellness, increase parent involvement, and bridge the gap between school and community."

Guiding Principles -- High expectations, when consistently upheld and reinforced, create successful academic and behavioral experiences for all students. Positive approaches by the school, families and the community can help achieve academic success and social competency. Increasing behavioral concerns requires a building-wide, systematic and positive approach, which builds relationships and a positive learning environment.