About Partnership 4 Kids

Partnership 4 Kids is a local non-profit agency dedicated to helping Omaha Public Schools students succeed! Our mission at Partnership 4 Kids is to partner with our community and guide our youth toward academic success from kindergarten to careers through goal setting, mentoring, career exploration and college access programs.

Our Student Programs:

Partnership 4 Kids has an elementary school program that takes place during the school day and an after-school program for middle and high school students.

All Saratoga students automatically participate in P4K's elementary program, which focuses on setting and achieving individual student goals. Students team up with community volunteers called goal buddies in an effort to achieve quarterly goals in reading, math, and life skills. Students who reach their quarterly goals are recognized at school wide celebrations.

Starting in 7th grade, students may apply to be in the P4K after-school program. Students in the P4K after-school program meet twice a month with caring adult mentors and P4K staff members. As a group, the students and mentors discuss issues facing teens such as peer pressure, drug and alcohol awareness, and how to be a positive leader. Other classroom activities and field trips focus on career exploration, community service projects, college preparation, time-management and study skills. Transportation for meetings and events is available.

P4K student participants can even earn college scholarships! Those students who meet all program requirements and continue to participate in Partnership 4 Kids through high school graduation may be eligible to receive tuition assistance for college or trade school through the agency's scholarship fund.

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Motto: "Going for MY goal ... going for the gold"

Partnership 4 Kids Elementary Program

Partnership 4 Kids Elementary Program works to improve the academic achievement and life skills of students.
•    Encouraging and rewarding student's achievement in reading, math, and life skills through a program of setting goals, celebrating, and rewarding goal achievement. Promoting parents’ and guardians’ involvement in their student's educationFostering school cohesiveness, identity, and pride.

Procedures of Partnership 4 Kids Elementary Program ...

At the beginning of each nine week academic quarter, teachers assign every student an individual math and reading goal
(goals are intended to be attainable, yet challenging)

Teachers give goal charts, outlining each student's goals, to each student
A copy of the goals are given to the parents or guardians
(Teachers and Goal Buddies encourage the students to review their goals on a regular basis -- parents and guardians are asked to support and assist the efforts of their children in attaining their goals)

Once a student has achieved his/her quarterly goals, the teacher immediately recognizes the achievement by issuing a "Goal Award Certificate"

(new goals are set each quarter)

GOAL BUDDIES are caring volunteers affiliated with several local organizations and corporations. Goal buddies visit the classroom twice per quarter and work with each child to motivate them and help them realize they can and will achieve their goals.


Partnership 4 Kids students demonstrate ....

    •    good life skills
    •    social and emotional development
    •    a willingness to learn
    •    good study habits and good effort in completing work
    •    a caring attitude toward others ...


Social and Emotional Development
    •    Follows school/bus/classroom rules
    •    Accepts authority
    •    Assumes and fulfills responsibilities
    •    Interacts cooperatively with others
    •    No out-of-school suspensions


Good Study Habits and Effort
    •    Participates in group discussions and activities
    •    Follows oral and written directions
    •    Listens
    •    Completes daily and homework assignments
    •    Stays on task in a group and works independently
    •    Completes assignments on time


Caring Attitude
    •    Shows respect and courtesy to all
    •    Makes good choices
    •    Displays good manners


Student Behavior
All students are expected to be courteous and helpful
Students have developed the following rules ...

    •    Be kind and respectful
    •    Listen and follow directions
    •    Stay in your seat
    •    Raise your hand to speak
    •    Take care of materials
    •    Hands off rule (no fighting)