Upcoming Events!

March 19-23: Spring Break

March 19-20: Spring Break Writing Camp
see Miss Ones for more information

May 1: Field Day! (morning)
Animal Museum (afternoon)

May 15: Creighton Baseball Game

  Welcome to First Grade, Room 106 

 We are learning a lot in First Grade!

If you need to contact me, I can be reached at (402) 457-6427 between 8:40 and 4:15.

This quarter we will learn many things:

Reading: This quarter we will be reading more difficult books and focusing on comprehension. This will include comparing and contrasting, predicting, summarizing, and connecting text to our own lives.

Math: We are learning to count money, and will be moving into measurement. We are also reviewing all the other concepts we have learned and applying them in new ways.

Social Studies: As we have learned about the world and what we can do to make a difference, we have decided that we want to make a difference by starting a recycling program here at Saratoga. This will be a lot of work but we are ready for the challenge.

Science: Spring brings our new unit about plants and animals. We will be writing, researching, and creating an animal museum for the kindergarteners to enjoy.

Writing: We are writing books, books, and more books! We have also started poetry. Our focus for this quarter is to bring more detail into our writing, as well as using great words (such as fabulous instead of great).