Bear Cubs

Winter Recess Dec.24-Jan.4


Sites the students visit in the classroom are:

             Happy Holidays!!!
Second Quarter has begun


The students have been  working very hard this year.

Reading:We continue to improve our reading skills. The students will be reading harder books and working on the habits of a good reader, such as predicting,questioning and summarizing of text as well as making connections to text.

Writing: We have learned about shape poems, friendly letters, and are exploring newspaper articles.

Math: We are working on additon and subtraction partners, counting nickels and pennies, and finding missing partners in an equation

Social Studies: We are learning  about communities and celebrations around the world.

Science: We are learning about States of Matter (solids,liquids and gases).

You can contact me at Saratoga between the hours of 8:40 a.m. and 4:15 p.m. on any school day.